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Vythiri Mist Resort
Premium Heritage resort in Woods

A dwelling in the midst of raw and untamed nature..In may ways it is the perfect dwelling for those who seek a deeper connect with the forest, its streams, its inhabitants, and in essence, its soul.

Our resort is situated in the famous Poonchola Hills near Kabini Peak guaranteed to give you goose bumps to be in the presence of it .We are located in a forest terrain,with streams all round ,and we have tea,cardamom and coffee plantations nearby to explore unique ways in which our everyday utilities are cultivated.

It's the habitat to more than 60 types of birds that will surely make you wake up in the morning refreshed rather than stressed out with your alarm clock!!

After you wake up ,we have a green haven with butterflies and indigenous flora and fauna of the western ghats destined to fill you with wonder , curiousity and natural flow of life. The resort is spread out 14 acres of land ,allowing you to safely wander and escape into the wild.

Into the wild

"In the wild there is an element that cannot be seen, tasted, heard or smelt –
it can only be felt, and it is a feeling of enchantment."

- Richard Hall
Vythiri Mist Heritage Villas

Mist Habitat

Elegance meets artistry in these rooms. With exquisite art fixtures, a warm ambience, private balconies, 450 square feet and all the modern amenities, Blisswood Villas are a haven for art enthusiasts.

Mist Haven

Embrace spacious luxury with over 1000 square feet of living space, including a living room, bedroom, courtyard, and private balcony. Perfect for those seeking extra room to unwind in the midst of nature.

Mist Premium Suite

Where tranquillity and comfort intertwine. With 650 square feet, these suites feature two bedrooms with king-size beds, each with a forest view. Enjoy privacy and convenience with separate entrances for each room.

Mist Villa

A spacious haven for your nature-inspired getaway. With 1200 square feet of living space, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and a balcony with captivating views, these residences offer the perfect blend of comfort and nature.

Mist Presidential Suite

For the ultimate luxury experience, the Presidential Haven Chalet awaits. With 1000 square feet, elegant shoji-style screens, private balconies, and all the amenities you need, it's your sanctuary of luxury amidst Wayanad's pristine nature.


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Coffee Shop

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Yoga Meditation

Guests can have a light trekking session by taking a tour of the nearby passes and hills in Chitihrapuram. Every location of the trek is a sight to behold and provides many a photo op for the photography enthusiast.

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Nature Walk

Experience the thrill of Trekking in Wayanad! Wander through untouched forests, rediscover forgotten trails, and unveil breathtaking vistas. It's a journey into nature's hidden marvels, where each step brings you closer to the heart of Wayanad.

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Bird Watching

Amidst the trees, catch the lively chatter of babblers, the majestic display of hornbills, the silent wisdom of owls, and the rhythmic beat of woodpeckers. It's not just bird-watching; it's an unforgettable avian adventure in the heart of Wayanad.

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Camp Fire

Amidst the dense forest in the wild the campfire is arranged at the amphitheatre adjacent to the forest boundary, where you are forced to relax by the weather and music played.

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Calling all thrill-seekers! Off-roading awaits your adventurous spirit. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled 4x4 journey, conquering rugged terrains to reach Wayanad's highest viewpoint. It's more than off-roading; it's an experience that takes your breath away. Ready for the ride?

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Go Where The Eagles Dare